Woroud Ahdali



Studio professionale : Beirut - Lebanon




Architect based within Mediterranean MENA region...

During her undergraduate years, she joined many architecture practices and design firms mostly working on conceptual design and cad design development. Her last working position was as a Project Architect and a consultant for the AKTC and the Local office AKCSSyria (The Aga Khan for Cultural Services, Syria); she worked both in Damascus (Hotel Project in the Old Town) and Aleppo (Training Staff at the Serray) Besides Architecture she developed many of her personal skills (Computer skills, networking & Artistic skills) on her own thus been an active participant of many local workshops that took place in Damascus between (2003-2010) where she developed an interest towards Artistic research, creative expression and writing.

She is now planning to continue her studies abroad.


| Damas 2013

| Beirut 2016