"Art exceeds the limits in which time would like to constrict it, and indicates the content of the future. "
Wassily Kandinsky,  point and line to plane)


In an age where it is possible to find and discover streets, squares and cities of entire countries in the world in just a few seconds, in an age in which you can create infinite virtual friendships and quickly transform them into real friendships, our group was created in order to make architecture a part of this, we are situated there, not in a specific place, but in a band, a band marked only by the time that for convention sets it apart. 


What happens if, for the realisation of a project, the group of designers is not formed by people from the same city or old friends, but by technicians of different cities or nations that all take part in the project at the same time while remaining in their own studios?



Is it possible for the construction of a plaza, a park or a building to have that all-important contribution and cultural enrichment that comes from a different approach of a different designer from another country?


All this is STUDIO UTC +1 !



I hereby proclaim :


1 ) That Studio UTC+1® is a diffused studio and, like a diffused hotel, it is created in a special way, it is not built, but it is born by creating a network of pre-existing spaces;



2 ) That Studio UTC+1® forms part of the realisation of projects along with other designers located in several places on the planet, leveraging the UTC+1 time zone in order to achieve coordination in working hours;


3 ) That the inspiration of our projects is given by the association between memory, culture and participation;


4 ) That among Studio UTC+1®’s aspirations is to travel the architectural space as widely as possible, between tradition and innovation, searching for a language that reflects the changing times and the transformations that are deduced;


5 ) That Studio UTC+1® accepts all architectural renovation ideas that experiment with new technologies while respecting the environment;


6 ) That each member contributes to the diffusion of Studio UTC+1® nurturing interest and confidence in its growth, by asking questions about unknown topics and by making their knowledge available for the learning of others.  



Seg. Nadia Bove

Arch. wip Marilena Leto

Arch. Daniele Longobardi

Arch. Pier Manuel Scarpato