Ing. Romeo Di Leo


Studio professionale : Napoli - Italy


1978: Birth

1996: High School Diploma with the maximum score 60/60

2002-2003: Student worker in the Public Library of Engineering Faculty

2003-2004: Winner of a Financial Award for a Thesis, developed in Firema Industry on the topic: "Study of the maintenance activity for a diesel engine of a locomotive in a virtual enviroment"

2004: Master Degree in Mechanical Engineer with the maximum score 110/110 et Laude

2004: Winner of a Grant for a year-long research experience, developed in Elasis Research Center on the topic: "Development of numerical model to simulate the dynamic behavior of a vehicle"

2006: Winner of an open competitive exam for Sicsi (Inter-accademic School for the Teaching)

2006-2008: Contracts of collaboration to take part to subsequent research projects in the team of Professor Leonardo Lecce:

·         "Mesema" on the active control of vibrations (EU Fund).

·         "Hydraulic Cushion Project" on the problems about the integration of an hydraulic cushion with a mechanical press (PON Project).

·         "Tellus Stabilita" on the anti-seismic control of civil structures (PON Project). For this project the writer conceived an original friction damper based on the piezoelectric technology, following an owner original conceptual layout not present in the literature


2007: Academic Diploma of Specialization for the Technological Teaching

2008-2009: Teacher of technology in the high school

2008-2011: Triennial Phd Course and besides contracts of collaboration to take part to subsequent research projects in the team of Professor Leonardo Lecce:

·         "Study, design and realization of a wind-solar micro-generator " a new system to produce electric current by an integration of renewable sources (Internal Department Project)

·         "A.L.E.N.E.T. Alenia Networked Enterprise Transformation " (Funded by Alenia)


2011: Phd in Aerospace, Naval and Quality Engineering with judgment of commission: "Excellent"

2012- at present: Two Post-doc Annual Grants. In this period I follow the research projects:

·         "Salina" about the strength analysis of laminates in hybrids materials (Funded by Alenia)

·         "Virtual Drop Test" about the creation of a numerical model to reproduce drop test (Funded by VulcanAir S.p.a)


·         "Piezotetti" for the creation of a piezoelectric shingle to obtain electric energy by rain (funded by Ministry of Environment) 



Contatti : +39 3382381113