STUDIO UTC+1 is a diffused studio of architecture, founded by the architect Daniele Longobardi, the group provides for online collaboration between professionals in the construction sector.

Lo STUDIO UTC+1 è uno studio diffuso di architettura, fondato dall' architetto Daniele Longobardi,  il gruppo, prevede la collaborazione online tra professionisti del settore edile.

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Progetto per un fontanello in piazza del Carmine, Firenze, ITALIA


Project for a fountain in the Carmine's place, Firenze, ITALY




arch. Pasquale Granata

arch. Daniele Longobardi


The title of my project is “Growth and participation on the move” , this project provides the idea of a monument for European democracy, through a symbolic structure to represent the making of the EU in relation to the environmental commitment.

I wanted to represent a moving helix, to symbolize the constant movement of the EU's commitment to environmental protection.

The structure that I thought, is an active monument, thanks to the use of renewable Energy, at the service of all citizens, In fact, this is a useful means for the supply of our electronic devices.


Daniele Longobardi architect

Progetto per una scultura per l'atrio della nuova sede di Aguas do Norte, Portogallo


Project for a sculpture for the atrium of the new headquarters of Aguas do Norte, Portugal




arch. Daniele Longobardi


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